Food in Crete

Today I went food shopping.  Now this is not something particularly unusual or spectacular but it did make me think of Crete.

When I am in Crete and I go to the market, pass a greengrocer’s, am in a supermarket, one of the things I cannot help myself comment on, even when I am alone! is the quality and freshness of the food.  Today in a supermarket I saw several foods that had mould on, had gone off etc.  The store had also run out of aubergine which is something I cannot imagine happening anywhere in Greece!

The other thing I notice in Crete is that there is so much more fresh food available and so much less processed foods.  I am hoping and expecting to eat more local, fresh produce when I live there than I do here in the UK.

This is a short entry but I find the contrast so vast that I wanted to comment.

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