Day one


This for me and my all friends who get bored of me talking about Crete!  Here I can spill my thoughts and the only people who need read it are the ones who choose to.

I first fell in love with Greece on a holiday to Rhodes about 10 years ago.  I then decided to start learning the Greek language and met a strange bunch of people who also wanted to learn Greek, if you have ever attempted to learn Greek you will understand why I think we are all a bit odd!  From this I decided that, if I wanted to move to Greece and make a life, of all the Islands, Crete was probably the one with the most opportunities.  I then went on holiday there and that was that.  Crete is where I will eventually live.

After two holidays at the two towns nearest the airports I discovered Rethymno.  Firstly let me describe Crete from my point of view, if you want details and accuracy then there are the internet and guide books!  It consists, for me, of 3 main towns, Chania, Heraklion and Rethymno.  They are all situated on the North Coast. Chania and Heraklion have airports, Rethymno doesn’t.  It takes about an hour, depending on the driver, Greek or tourist, to get from either airport to Rethymno.  My favourite village is 6 km west of the town and is where I currently stay as I cannot yet live there so am limited to a maximum of two fortnight holidays a year.  All 3 towns are lively in the summer, Chania and Rethymno have beautiful old towns with buildings from Venetian and Turkish eras.  All three have modern areas and good shopping, I am a girl so this is important to me!  The rest of Crete,as far as I am concerned,is mainly small villages, gorgeous beaches,mountain roads, sheep and churches. On one journey, friends and I counted, not extremely accurately, and came to the conclusion there are equal amounts of sheep and churches!

I could write all day but that would be an odd blog consisting of one very long entry so I recommend you return tomorrow when I shall continue.

Thank you for reading.


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