Day 5 and 6

With my holiday approaching it is time to start packing.  I am not at a weight I am happy with so this is not as much fun as I’d hoped.  It is Crete I am going to though and they are remarkably forgiving so I shall pack for comfort and try to be as stylish as I can.  I am going towards the end of June so am expecting it to be hot.  Shorts/crop trousers it is for most of the time and skirts, dresses and loose wide legged trousers for the evenings.  I like to dress up a bit but Crete is so relaxed that almost anything goes.

I keep looking up maps and Crete websites to see if I can find somewhere to go or roads to explore that I haven’t been to before.  I like to explore and maintain that I never get lost I just sometimes “take the scenic route”!  On one such detour I ended up in a small village in need of a drink, a bathroom and to check the map so I stopped at a taverna, bought a frappe used their facilities and worked out which was the best road to follow.  As I went to leave and pay for my coffee I was told it had been paid for by one of the men sitting outside the taverna, I went to think him and ended up having a half English/Half Greek conversation which cheered me up as I like to practice and I went on ,my way.

I must stop thinking about Crete and get on with my life but it isn’t going to happen any time soon!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 and 6”

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    1. Thank you for your compliment. I am in my early days and hope to market further once I am a little more confident.

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