Day 3 and 4

I started this saying it would be about my thoughts on Crete but also my attempts to learn the Greek Language.  As today is my normal evening to have a lesson except it isn’t on because it is half term I thought I’d say something about that.

I started learning Greek because I thought it would be fun, a challenge and because I had told someone I would.  I am not a natural linguist and I can honestly say it has been one of the hardest and most fun and rewarding things I have done.  I am still learning and probably will be for the rest of my life!  I have made friends through my lessons and have had some experiences in Greece I would not have had without my few words.  I love being able to have small conversations and the people I meet are always so pleased and helpful.  I have chatted with people in shops and restaurants and with groups of men sitting outside village tavernas, that one also got me a free frappe!  The loveliest thing about learning Greek is that the local people are so willing to hep and correct errors.  It also impresses my English friends no end when I pretend to have a clue what is going on around us!

If you love Greece and want to visit regularly or move there I would recommend attempting to learn a little of the language as it will make your trips so much more rewarding.

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