Day 2

Today I have been thinking about my upcoming holiday.  Although I booked my flights some time ago I still have not booked my transport to the airport.  I admit to usually leaving things to the last minute but this time I plan to get it sorted tonight.

I will be arriving at Heraklion late at night, local time, so will only have time to pick up my hire car, drive to the hotel, check in, maybe have a drink at the bar to say hello to the staff and see if there is anyone there I know before going to my room, unpacking and going to bed.  The next day is when my holiday starts with a trip into Rethymno.  I already know what I will buy, where I will have coffee and maybe lunch, and roughly how long I will spend there!  I am a creature of habit to a certain extent and I quite like knowing in advance what I will do.  The rest of the holiday will be a little more spontaneous as my friends arrive late the next day and I will be spending some time with them and joining in with what they want to do.

I hope to explore more of Crete, use my new binoculars to see some birds and find some roads I have not been along before.   If you are curious as to where I will be going,  please keep reading as I will update you when I am away!  In case anyone is worried about the sense of telling people when my house is empty, it won’t be as I have someone staying to keep an eye on it and feed my hamster!

Until tomorrow,


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