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Day 5 and 6

With my holiday approaching it is time to start packing.  I am not at a weight I am happy with so this is not as much fun as I’d hoped.  It is Crete I am going to though and they are remarkably forgiving so I shall pack for comfort and try to be as stylish as I can.  I am going towards the end of June so am expecting it to be hot.  Shorts/crop trousers it is for most of the time and skirts, dresses and loose wide legged trousers for the evenings.  I like to dress up a bit but Crete is so relaxed that almost anything goes.

I keep looking up maps and Crete websites to see if I can find somewhere to go or roads to explore that I haven’t been to before.  I like to explore and maintain that I never get lost I just sometimes “take the scenic route”!  On one such detour I ended up in a small village in need of a drink, a bathroom and to check the map so I stopped at a taverna, bought a frappe used their facilities and worked out which was the best road to follow.  As I went to leave and pay for my coffee I was told it had been paid for by one of the men sitting outside the taverna, I went to think him and ended up having a half English/Half Greek conversation which cheered me up as I like to practice and I went on ,my way.

I must stop thinking about Crete and get on with my life but it isn’t going to happen any time soon!


Day 3 and 4

I started this saying it would be about my thoughts on Crete but also my attempts to learn the Greek Language.  As today is my normal evening to have a lesson except it isn’t on because it is half term I thought I’d say something about that.

I started learning Greek because I thought it would be fun, a challenge and because I had told someone I would.  I am not a natural linguist and I can honestly say it has been one of the hardest and most fun and rewarding things I have done.  I am still learning and probably will be for the rest of my life!  I have made friends through my lessons and have had some experiences in Greece I would not have had without my few words.  I love being able to have small conversations and the people I meet are always so pleased and helpful.  I have chatted with people in shops and restaurants and with groups of men sitting outside village tavernas, that one also got me a free frappe!  The loveliest thing about learning Greek is that the local people are so willing to hep and correct errors.  It also impresses my English friends no end when I pretend to have a clue what is going on around us!

If you love Greece and want to visit regularly or move there I would recommend attempting to learn a little of the language as it will make your trips so much more rewarding.

Day 2

Today I have been thinking about my upcoming holiday.  Although I booked my flights some time ago I still have not booked my transport to the airport.  I admit to usually leaving things to the last minute but this time I plan to get it sorted tonight.

I will be arriving at Heraklion late at night, local time, so will only have time to pick up my hire car, drive to the hotel, check in, maybe have a drink at the bar to say hello to the staff and see if there is anyone there I know before going to my room, unpacking and going to bed.  The next day is when my holiday starts with a trip into Rethymno.  I already know what I will buy, where I will have coffee and maybe lunch, and roughly how long I will spend there!  I am a creature of habit to a certain extent and I quite like knowing in advance what I will do.  The rest of the holiday will be a little more spontaneous as my friends arrive late the next day and I will be spending some time with them and joining in with what they want to do.

I hope to explore more of Crete, use my new binoculars to see some birds and find some roads I have not been along before.   If you are curious as to where I will be going,  please keep reading as I will update you when I am away!  In case anyone is worried about the sense of telling people when my house is empty, it won’t be as I have someone staying to keep an eye on it and feed my hamster!

Until tomorrow,


Day one


This for me and my all friends who get bored of me talking about Crete!  Here I can spill my thoughts and the only people who need read it are the ones who choose to.

I first fell in love with Greece on a holiday to Rhodes about 10 years ago.  I then decided to start learning the Greek language and met a strange bunch of people who also wanted to learn Greek, if you have ever attempted to learn Greek you will understand why I think we are all a bit odd!  From this I decided that, if I wanted to move to Greece and make a life, of all the Islands, Crete was probably the one with the most opportunities.  I then went on holiday there and that was that.  Crete is where I will eventually live.

After two holidays at the two towns nearest the airports I discovered Rethymno.  Firstly let me describe Crete from my point of view, if you want details and accuracy then there are the internet and guide books!  It consists, for me, of 3 main towns, Chania, Heraklion and Rethymno.  They are all situated on the North Coast. Chania and Heraklion have airports, Rethymno doesn’t.  It takes about an hour, depending on the driver, Greek or tourist, to get from either airport to Rethymno.  My favourite village is 6 km west of the town and is where I currently stay as I cannot yet live there so am limited to a maximum of two fortnight holidays a year.  All 3 towns are lively in the summer, Chania and Rethymno have beautiful old towns with buildings from Venetian and Turkish eras.  All three have modern areas and good shopping, I am a girl so this is important to me!  The rest of Crete,as far as I am concerned,is mainly small villages, gorgeous beaches,mountain roads, sheep and churches. On one journey, friends and I counted, not extremely accurately, and came to the conclusion there are equal amounts of sheep and churches!

I could write all day but that would be an odd blog consisting of one very long entry so I recommend you return tomorrow when I shall continue.

Thank you for reading.